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Legal Notice

It is hereby declared that the information, and any part thereof, contained in CAMERICH’s official website shall not be re-edited, duplicated, reproduced or plagiarized unless permitted by the applicable laws and regulations or with the consent of the Company, nor used for any commercial purpose other than those as approved by the Company. Any infringement upon our intellectual property rights, for example, our copyright, etc. is subject to investigation into the legal liabilities according to law.

Beijing Triumph Furniture Co., Ltd. 


Special Statement about CAMERICH Distribution Channels

January 1, 2018

Dear consumers: 

Thank you for following and choosing CAMERICH products. Over the years, our products have been favored by consumers for premium quality and cultural identities. Lately, we discovered CAMERICH product sales information on certain websites. We hereby announce that all CAMERICH products are sold through authorized physical stores only, and that we have never trusted or authorized any online vendor to sell our products.

CAMERICH maintains a global marketing network. In addition to 45 stores in over 30 cities across China, it has 48 stores abroad including the UK, the US, Germany, Australia, Belgium and Singapore, and the number keeps growing. For more information about CAMERICH products and locations of its authorized stores, please visit our official website:

We reserve the right to take legal actions against all websites that sell CAMERICH products without our authorization, or any entity or individual who manufactures or sells fake CAMERICH products. Please do not purchase any so-called “CAMERICH” product sold online. We will not assume any responsibility or provide any service for any quality issue of such products. 

If you have any question, please dial +86 10 61586016-2003. We will provide you with caring services. 
Best regards!

Beijing Triumph Furniture Co., Ltd.